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What’s this I hear about grace?

Another great post by a good friend, Larry Sewell.


Let’s dialogue for a few minutes about God’s grace.

What’s it like?  For one thing, it comes looking for me when I’m not looking for it.  Why?  Because that’s what grace does.  What do you mean?  Let me put it this way; it’s like saying, the nature of grace is aggressive in that it looks for people who need God’s help.  Well, who determines what I need?  God does.  OK, does everyone get this grace?  No. Why no?  When God made us He gave us a free will and we are totally free; no strings attached, to decide if we really want God’s grace when He offers it to us.  Really?  Yeah, really.  Pretty awesome don’t you think?  …and it’s all free.  Now, by free I don’t mean cheap.  Well, wait a minute, I wasn’t born yesterday you know.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Someone has to pay a price somewhere along the line.  That’s right!  Somebody did.  Wow, tell me about it.

What kind of price do you have to pay for grace?  The max.  What do you mean by the max?  …and who would even think of doing that for a total stranger?  Well, in a word — God did.  How did He do that?  He did what no one else could ever do.  What was that?  First He came to earth to live with people.  He was only here for about 33 years.  Get this, even though He was fully God, He was also fully man.  Why did He do that?  He did it so people could talk to Him and touch Him, and watch Him, you know, like we are doing right now.  Just think, He was God the Creator standing right there in front of them.  That’s right.  But what motivated Him to do such a thing for people who didn’t know who He was, to say nothing of the fact most people really didn’t want Him anyway?  He did it for the simple reason that He loves all of mankind; past, present and future.  Oh come on now, how can anyone do all that for total strangers?!  God can.

Well, OK, say for instance I am a little intrigued by this grace thing.  Answer this for me, what will it do for me?  Good question.  By accepting God’s provision, His grace, your sin will be totally forgiven.  …You know what sin is? or does?  Well, kinda, but, well not really.  Sin is rebellion against God. This rebellion is what separates a person from God —  forever, unless that sin
is dealt with by accepting God’s payment by faith.

His payment was giving Himself up to be crucified, shedding His blood and dying.  But, since He is the author of life, He rose from the grave, stayed on earth for a short time and then went back to heaven.  Is that why He came to earth?  Sure is.  Well then how do I make that work for me?  By believing you are a sinner, that you know what sin is, and what God did to pay for it.  Here
is what the Bible says you have to do.  If you state that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  Saved means saved from eternal punishment in Hell.  God continues, “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified (before God), and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.”

That’s pretty straight forward.  Don’t I have to do anything?  No.  Why?  Because there is nothing you could do to get into heaven if you worked at it for a million years.  So all I have to do is confess and believe?  That’s right.  …So what would you like to do?


Can You Hear Me Now?

How often in your life have you made this statement, “Where is God, I feel so alone, why are You so silent?” Let me pose this question though, “Is He really silent or are we just not listening?”

I think we have all asked that question one time or another. It’s a question I pondered today, not because I felt as if God had abandoned me but because I realized how much distraction there is in this world that can mute out God’s voice and leading as He is speaking to us. Do we really take time in silence and allow God to move in our hearts? How do we expect to hear from the Lord if the TV is on all the time, among other things, that distract us away from His still small voice? We live in such a technology savvy, fast paced, noisy society that often times we whine (yes I said whine) at God because we feel as if we feel He is nowhere to be found and He isn’t offering us direction for our lives. It’s almost as if we are afraid of quietness. But when was the last time you went a day just being with the Lord? Don’t get me wrong, I freely admit I’m probably one of the worst at doing this however (uh newly convicted girl writing this blog!) God is showing me that I need to have more days like this. Starting my day with a prayer, “God meet me here today and show me more of You. Open up my eyes to the world around me and give me a burden for those who are lost, for those who are hurting. Let this day be about You and You alone. I’m listening Lord, speak to me today.” And LISTEN!

I really don’t think that God enjoys screaming at us while we have our fingers in our ears or are distracted by the chaos around us, saying “Can You Hear Me Now?”. He’d much rather you just turn off the noise in your life and just LISTEN to Him. Sound a little strange? Yeah it maybe a little awkward at first but think of it this way; you are spending time with a God who loves you so much that He wants to be in communication with you. He wants to break down those barriers that invade our heart and that deafen us to His voice in our lives. So will you take the challenge? Quiet down, slow down, be attentive, pray, get in your Bible and let God speak to You.  Don’t make God say to you, “Can You Hear Me Now?” And don’t ask God, “Can YOU hear me now?” when you aren’t doing your part.